Pizza Ovens

Wood fired ovens

There is nothing like a homemade pizza cooked on your own pizza oven and do not forget you can also do roasts, stews, lasagne and even cakes if you wish. Essentially there are two types of outdoor pizza ovens on the market today. The traditional models which require being built on site and the newer ready assembled models.

The key element is the material used as this is what holds the temperature. Pizzas generally cook at a temperature of 350/400 centigrade. If the insultation is not up to grade then more fuel needs to be used. For roasts etc then a more conventional temperature of 180 degrees should be used. Each oven is different and factors such as ambient temperature, wind direction and model will affect the performance, in my experience each oven is different and over time you get to know when to add wood, when to cook and for how long.

The traditional models give the better overall performance, are larger and more expensive as they need to be assembled on site. They can also be finished in a style to compliment your outdoor kitchen or garden. They come in a range of sizes according to how many pizzas you wish to cook simultaneously.

The ready assembled are more manageable and moveable but generally have smaller cooking areas.
They come in a range of finishes and colours. Some models are available with gas burners to give a dual fuel option, this also allows the oven to be set at a given temperature allowing greater control.

Whatever your preferences we are agents for a number of manufacturers.